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    Product display
    Model FF Compound Molecular Pump
    • Uses and features
    • Specification parameter
       Product Applications
      FF Model Compound Molecular Pumps from Rankuum Machinery is used to acquire the purity high or ultra-high vacuum,and they are widely used in high-energy accelerator、controlled thermonuclear reactor、plasma physics space research、surface physics and analytical instruments、semiconductor and optical commodities manufacture、panel display、solar battery、vacuum coating、vacuum melting and so on.

      Product Features
      ●Keep steady high pumping speed under the high pressure;
      ●Have the ability of high resist pressure for the backing;
      ●Have the ability of high resist impact;
      ●Easy to acquire the purity high or ultra-high vacuum;
      ●Special design on the rotor for high safety;
      ●Special cooling system for good heat eliminate function;
      ●Lower libration and noise;
      ●Compact structure design,easy to maintenance and integrate into complex system.
      Model FF Compound Molecular Pump
      技术参数Technical specifications:

      型号 Model FF-250/1600 FF-160/620
      ******工作压力Minimum operational pressure(Pa) <1×10-6 <6×10-7
      抽气速率(对空气)Pumping speed for air(L/s) 1700 600
      压缩比Compression ratio 对氮气 For N2 >108 >109
      对氢气 For H2 >5×103 >6×103
      进气口法兰Inlet flange LF250(DN250  IS0-K) DN160CF
      排气口法兰Outlet flange KF50(DN50  IS0-KF) KF40
      启动时间Starting time(min) ≤8 ≤5
      额定转速Rated rotational speed (r/min) 27000 27000
      振动值Libration value(μm) ≤0.1 ≤0.1
      注油量Oiling capacity (ml) 210 210
      推荐前级泵Recommended forevacuum pump 2XZ-15D(15L/s) 2XZ-4B/2XZ-8D(4-8L/s)
      轴承Bearing 精密陶瓷球轴承
      Precision ceramic balls bearing
      Precision ceramic balls bearing
      安装方式Operational orientation 竖直Vertical(±5°) 竖直Vertical(±5°)
      冷却方式Cooling method 水冷 Water cooling 水冷 Water cooling
      冷却水温度Cooling water temperature(℃) ≤25 ≤25
      冷却水压力Cooling water pressure(MPa) 0.196 0.196
      泵体烘烤温度Pump body baking temperature(℃) ≤100 ≤100
      环境温度Environment temperature(℃) 5~40 5~40
      重量Weight(Kg) 47 30

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